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"I am called to live the abundant life, not the exhausted life. I am planted to thrive, not to survive."
- Jaachymna N.E. Agu

Imagine a world where you live in prosperity while giving generously…

Financial independence can be so much more than going to work. Financial independence can bring financial freedom to contribute to the world where you are. Freedom to believe anything is possible. Freedom to design a balanced life.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Below is a short list of both local and national non-profits our clients support:

NorthShore Financial Strategies and LPL Financial are separate and unaffiliated entities from any other listed party. 

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund is like a personal charitable savings account. A donor creates an account and makes a contribution of cash, stock, or other assets like real estate or artwork and can take an immediate tax deduction for the gift.

One of the main benefits of a donor-advised fund is that it allows individuals with philanthropic intent to have their charitable assets professionally managed and distributed to desired causes at a fraction of the cost of a private foundation.

The investor creating the donor-advised fund would receive the immediate tax deduction (up to IRS limits, please see your CPA or tax advisor for more detail) and then recommend grants from the fund over time.

We work with clients to determine the most suitable donor-advised fund to meet their needs.

Giving Back to the Community - Financial Counseling 101

Giving Back to the Community - Financial Counseling 101

We understand that life can sometimes drive us off course. This is why we offer no-cost financial counseling to those in need. This service is for those individuals and their families who just need some guidance. Whether it is guidance to eliminate debt or create a household budget; perhaps, it is to learn more about employee benefits or just to know where to start - we are here.

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