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September Newsletter

September Newsletter

October 06, 2023

September welcomes fall – and not a moment too soon with the heat the end of this summer! It also is a month we celebrate Working Parents Day. To be fair, I think the parents who stay at home have the hardest job of all! However, I am fortunate enough to be able to maintain the career that I love and the great people I get to serve through my work. My children have also supported my career, even if it occasionally demanded my attention during “parenting time”. Some of my favorite memories are of my kids pretending to be talking to clients and conducting business like little grown ups – apparently they are always listening! – or when they came to nap while I worked during the afternoon just to be close to me. I am grateful to you – my clients and friends – who have supported my parenting efforts and understand when I need to be there for the kids. Here are some photos from the early days of juggling the responsibilities of both that I hope will bring a smile to your heart like they do mine. - Carrie Turcotte 

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