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Easy Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

Easy Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

October 19, 2022

Shopping online saves you a trip to the store and gives you more time in your day, but sometimes shipping costs and prices have you spending more than you probably wanted to. Use these money saving tips to make online shopping cost and time effective!

Add web browser extensions

There are plenty of web browser extensions, such as Honey that search the web for discount codes and deals that are online that you probably don’t know about—or that you would have to spend a decent amount of time searching for. These web applications will find and apply the discounts to your shopping cart. There is nothing more satisfying than, with the click of a button, watching your shopping cart price drop!

Price drop refunds

If you notice the day after you order something that it went on sale, try contacting the company in which you ordered from. Many companies will offer price drop refunds within a certain period of time from when you ordered the product to when it went on sale.

Use Ebates

Ebates is a company that gives you cash back for shopping through them. You can shop a majority of your favorite stores through the site and receive discounts or cash back. Because Ebates is referring these retailers, they gain commission through clicks on their website and give half back to the customer. It’s a really good set up for the company and you as a customer.

Before you hit submit cart next time you are online, keep these tips in mind to save you both time and money!


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